The new and revamped Team Research website has launched! If you are unfamiliar with our operation, here is a little bit about who we are: Team Research Incorporated, located in San Jose, California, is a 20 year old Consumer Electronics Powerhouse! Our products include everything from wireless cameras to the latest HD IP cameras. We have our own factories and we have numerous divisions. ALL are focused on providing the latest and most exciting products to fine retail stores, OEM, online stores, and to consumers. Great pricing, a passion for Customer Service, and helping our retail partners to meet their needs for margin are hallmarks of Team Research.

Team Research started business in 1992 in San Jose, California and here we remain. Initially, our first consumer electronics were computer motherboards and computer peripherals. This led to selling Memory Modules, CPU, VGA cards, and camera products.

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In 2006, TeamSable was created. This newest division sells very sophisticated and inexpensive POS equipment to Retail Stores and the OEM market all over North America. Many stores are now using TeamSable POS for their signage and their monetary transactions. Known for their quality, innovation, and low price… these POS screens and terminals come in numerous sizes and power configurations. Many are custom ordered with stepped-up processors, receipt printers, cash drawers, and double-sided displays. Many are rebranded and sold under other names… but the fanned and fanless quality remains inside.

From our vivid imagination comes the future reality.