One wireless camera plus wireless receiver set. This camera has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can move it around for 5 hours after each full charge. Camera also has adjustable channels (from 1~4), so you can choose a different channel to avoid interference. Built-in 11 infrared LED lights enables you to view up to 22 feet at night. Includes a receiver. *Indoor use only.

* Tip: you can add other 2.4GHz cameras to this set.









‧ Night vision wireless color camera.
‧ Built-in 11 Infra-red LEDs to aid nighttime vision.
‧ Built-in rechargeable battery for ultimate mobility, camera works 5 hours after each charge.
‧ 4 channel switchable to avoid interference.
‧ Professional quality and durable design.
‧ Easy setup, just connect to your TV or VCR.
‧ No wiring needed, easy installation.
‧ Built-in sensitive microphone.
‧ High quality color images: 380 TV lines.
‧ Video output: RCA jack.
‧ Electronic shutter: 1/50 – 1/10,000 second.