1066, 1333, 1600, 1866


Notebook computer (NB) applications are getting popular in either work or life in addition to commercial application, in which every person has a NB. In response to trend, Team Group Inc. provides Team Elite DDR3 family , a new extension selection with excellent price/performance.

Insistence on quality first principle

The SO-DIMM product in Team Elite family of Team Group Inc. is designed to comply with JEDEC international standard, selects high quality ICs, and pass 100% strict test with excellent quality, outstanding performance. It is of both stability and compliance as the optimal choice of NB user.


• Adherence to JEDEC and compliance to RoHS with respect to environmental protection regulation, production and manufacturing
• Strict test and verification procedures are performed for products
• Lifetime warranty


Dimensions 67.6 x 30 mm
CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS DDR3 1333: CL9-9-9-24
DDR3 1600: CL11-11-11-28
DDR3 1866: CL13-13-13-32
DRAM Density 128×8 / 256×8 / 512×8
Data Transfer Bandwidth DDR3 1333: 10,664MB/s (PC 10660)
DDR3 1600: 12,800MB/s (PC3 12800)
DDR3 1866: 14,928MB/s (PC3 14900)
Heat Sink No
Capacity DDR3 1333/1600: 2GB, 2GB*2, 4GB, 4GB*2, 8GB, 8GB*2
DDR3 1866: 4GB, 4GB*2, 8GB, 8GB*2
Working Voltage 1.35V
Warranty Lifetime Warranty