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San Jose, CA




Full time


Financial and Business Analyst


Job Description

Team Research Inc. (San Jose, CA)

Due to the growth of our business, Team Research Inc. is in demand of professional services of a Financial and Business Analyst. The Financial and Business Analyst will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Gather and consolidate data on the marketplaces and analyze sales and profit for over 1,000 products with their sales pattern and seasonality; monitor the replenishment status and sell through rates periodically;
  • Utilize financial information and data to create and establish financial models that require a command of probability models, statistics, and simulation programming;
  • Verify and evaluate company’s financial assets and future ROI, devising business plans, and monitoring met and unmet business goals;
  • Interpret and analyze quantitative financial data on market prices, elasticity, stability, market trends, and other economic factors that affect business expansion decision-making;
  • Interpret sales performance and take actions on pricing or marketing tools to improve, track market changes for business strategy decisions;
  • Determine and evaluate budget, profit and cost efficiencies in various areas of the company, bringing awareness and providing feasible solutions regarding areas of overspending and/or financial inefficiency;
  • Formulate and apply mathematical modeling for marketing strategy & financial analysis of the company’s projects;
  • Monitor revenue and simple profit margin in weekly and monthly basic and prepare financial report; consolidate sourcing budget and cashflow for pricing strategies of different line of business;
  • Participate in financial management meetings and provide constructive feedback to business ideas.

Apply to Team Research Inc. 1911 Hartog Dr., San Jose, CA 95131


  1. Bachelor’s degree in finance, management science, or related;
  2. Knowledge of business forecasting and financial research;
  3. Proficient with Microsoft Office suite;
  4. Organized, with ability to manage various subsequent projects in a fast-paced environment;
  5. Excellent problem-solving and cross function communication skills.